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When you’re thinking of renting a party bus or luxury vehicle, you might be wary of the price that comes with it. That is an understandable concept until you speak with Party Bus Minneapolis. We’re proud of our pricing policies, which allow you to get the maximum out of your dollar. You won’t see a listing of prices here simply because we base it on many different variables that change daily for your benefit.

Once you understand how we price our vehicles, you will realize why we are the most beloved party transportation company in the Minneapolis area. We pride ourselves on being client-friendly, and we reject the standards set by previous companies with traditional price structures. So no matter what day of the week or what time of the week you use our service, you can be guaranteed that you will be receiving the best value possible for that particular service of any and all of our competitors. Due to this, however, we are not able to provide a traditional table breakdown of exactly what you'll be paying on the day that you intend to use the service. We offer a flexible price structure that changes depending on the day and time and always is the lowest possible price that we can possibly offer.

How can we afford to do that? Due to all of the different factors that determine the costs of maintaining our vehicles, such as parts, fuel, our employees' wages, and so on, our prices are always evolving, so we can offer the absolute lowest possible prices. So when our prices for maintaining our vehicles go down, so does the price you pay! How cool is that? Now, we could offer a flat rate like all of our competitors, where you pay the highest amount based upon our personal costs at all times, but that simply goes against our philosophy! It goes against what we value the most -- you. We have a staff of number crunchers constantly evaluating our costs and working out the best possible price we can offer, and you will always be satisfied with what they come up with!

You can be confident in our price quote, as it includes everything. There’s no reason to charge your clients extra at the last minute, and we’ll never do that to our customers! We’re the only choice for worthwhile transportation in the area, so be sure to call us when you’re looking for transportation. Those that want more pricing information for general events can compare at Macomb MI Party Bus Prices and Memphis Party Bus Pricing.

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Please let us know where you want to go, how many passengers you want to transport, and when you’ll need service. This allows us to give you a price quote specific to your needs! You can’t go wrong with a custom quote that’s made to please. If it’s too high, consider splitting the cost between the passengers, or avoid holidays, weekends, and the busy wedding season. Keep in mind the potential costs and danger of driving drunk on your night out!

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