Finding Minneapolis Wedding Calligraphy

Why not start your wedding proceedings with something very special. What is the first inking most people will have that you are getting married? When they receive your invitation. And what is the best way to make your invitation something very special? Hire a professional calligrapher to beautifully hand write all of your invitations and envelopes. What is really unique about calligraphy other than the special look and feel it gives is its connection to the ancient world. It gives off such a personal feel and isn't that what you are looking for when it comes to relating to your guests. So, now that you have decided to definitely go with the this most special of touches, the question becomes how to you find a professional calligrapher and how do you find the one that will be perfect for you and your wedding needs. To help you with your pursuit as you peruse the Minneapolis area, we have developed a brief guide that will help you find and eventually hire the perfect fit so that you can send out some amazing invitations with your very special touches.

You need to find some really high quality candidates before you setup any interviews. But how do you do that you are wondering? Well, there are a few sources that you can tap into. First of all, we recommend that you approach your friends, family, and coworkers and ask if any of them have ever hired a calligrapher for any purpose. If they have and they can recommend the person, then find out their contact information. Once you have exhausted this source, do a Google search for “calligraphers in the Minneapolis area.” Also, you should check with your wedding vendors that you have a relationship with and ask them if they know of any great calligraphers. These three sources should give you a number of potential candidates that you should talk to. Your next move is to setup some interviews with the candidates on your list. Once you are face to face with each candidate, ask about how much experience they have doing calligraphy. Ask to see work they have done for clients. Also, have them show you testimonials from those clients. We cannot stress to you enough how much practice it takes to be a really good calligrapher. So, take this issue very seriously.

Depending on when you are talking to them, turnaround time could be a very huge issue. Find out how long it will take for them to get your material to you. Most calligraphers can usually get a finished product to you in about two weeks, but a lot of it will be determined by how many other clients they have at the time. They will need to know the number of guests that you are inviting so make sure you have that number handy. Have a discussion about how much they charge for their services. A lot of this will depend on the complexity of what you are seeking. Rush orders will almost always cost more. Find out if the offer stamping, sealing, and stuffing of your envelopes. But believe us when we tell you that this is usually worth the extra cost. It may look easy but it is an irritating detail.

Most people don't think about this but hardly any calligrapher is going to write out numerous invitations and envelopes without making mistakes. So with that in mind, you will need to provide additional envelopes and invitations. Find out how many from each vendor. Ask if they make the corrections free of charge or do they charge a fee. It should be free of charge. Each vendor will be able to show you a wide array of letter and design styles. This is your chance to put your own personal flair on your materials you are sending out. Once you have finished with all of this back and forth, you should be able to narrow your choice down to one calligrapher.

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